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New developments’ are on the way


On Thursday the multinational firms consulted the leadership of the city. The consultations were held by the HITA and a co-organizer was the Miskolc Holding PLC. This consultation gave a good opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and share opportunities.

On this event 17 top manager were present from the multinational corporations, like Diego Massida the Vodafone Hungary PLC’s CEO, Uwe Mang the managing director of the Robert Bosch and Body systems, the Áti Depot, the Bay Zoltán institution, the Evosoft Hungary, and the FUX Zrt, and those corporations who are started their new producing facilities as well like Mirelite Mirsa, and the Halbo MCE PLC, the liquor factory of Miskolc, the TS Hungaria, and the IT cluster of Northern Hungary, and also the United call centers as well. Dr. Ákos Kriza the Mayor of Miskolc on this event, highlighted that the feedback from these corporations is very important, and also said that there are companies who desire to expand and opening of new opportunities, and the city of Miskolc is willing to help them, within the limits of the city.

Nora Juhász, the North Hungarian Regional Office HITA leading councillor added that in recent years "re-investment" and Brownfield investments by large companies had a larger investment than the than the greenfield ones. That means that the 50-70% of the total investments comes from the developments and expands of the already existing and operating corporations in Miskolc.

This requires appropriate areas and economic environment, so we are working to develop new industrial areas and business-friendly economic environment at the disposal of Miskolc - said Görgy Vécsi, the Chairman of the Board by Miskolc Holding PLC, to the leaders of the corporations on the event (Miskolc Holding).