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Mechatronics Industrial Park

The Miskolc Industrial Park has become one of the most significant industrial parks in the region, a new greenfield development area, with public utilities, called the Mechatronics Industrial Park.

Creation of the Industrial Park Of Miskolc (MIP)

The first milestone of the construction in 2005 was to win the title of Miskolc Industrial Park. The whole process was prepared by the MIK. Miskolc property management Ltd. Then an area of 68,5 hectares received the "Industrial Park" title. Within the industrial park the governmental owned properties sales were in a rapid race for the corporations who wished to settle here.

EU Support - Mechatronics Industrial Park

In August 2007 the Hungarian Government declared the Mechatronics Industrial Park development project - of 1.4 billion HUF total costs - to be a flag-ship project. The development was implemented in the course of „New Hungary Development Plan" with 50% (700 million HUF) subsidisation from the European Union. Today a 39,5 ha, brand-new Greenfield area with full infrastructure is available for investors with uniquely favourable conditions. The project was accomplished by the Miskolc Holding Asset Management Company of the Municipality and its affiliated company, the Miskolc Real Estate Company in partnership.

Geographical Situation

Geographical location of Mechatronics Industrial Park, local, sub-regional, national, and international transport links are very favorable.

  • Four countries meeting of 100-km radius
    • Slovakia: Hidasnémeti (57 km)
    • Romania: Nyírábrány (128 km)
    • Ukraine: Záhony (185 km)
  • With the M30, M3 motorway Miskolc connected to the European motorway network.
  • Construction of highway connecting Miskolc and Kosice with the support of the Hungarian Government until 2018
  • Miskolc will be part of „Via Carpathia” transport corridor to be implemented by 2026
  • Miskolc regional rail hub, the hourly InterCity trains provide convenient transportation to the capital and major provincial cities as well.
  • Several airports near MIP:
    • Miskolc Sport Airport – adjacent to the Industrial Park, suitable for private small planes and helicopters
    • Kosice International Airport 84 km
    • Debrecen Airport 86 km
    • Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport 200 km

The content of this Greenfield development

  • The construction of 2246 m roadway and pavement on the site (two-lane roadway of 7 m width, with elevated edge, closed dewatering drainage of water).
  • The construction of public utilities: connecting points to water, waste-water, drainage, natural gas and electric power system.
  • Putting up 4710 m of fence with 3 gates.
  • Developing cable channel for telecommunication cables along the roadway, 2 conduits of size 100 with concrete shafts.
  • Afforestation, developing a protective forest belt with planting 450-500 trees and bushes along the roadway and the fence.
  • Public lighting along the roadway with candelabers (in every 40 m).
  • Construction of a local office building (on a 100 m x 150 m plot) in order to facilitate the operation of the Industrial Park.


Main objective of the Mechapark project is to modernize the economic structure of the city of Miskolc and its surroundings. It offers attracting site for investments, thereby it can contribute to increase the competitiveness conditions of the region and to extend the local employment.

In 2008 the fDi magazine of Financial Times declared Miskolc and its region to be a highly commended location for direct foreign investments. The magazine commences this competition for European cities in every 2 years searching for the „Cities of the Future”. Miskolc was one among the almost 1000 applicants and has been ranked 16th place in the TOP25 „most attractive location for FDI”. In 2010 Miskolc has achieved a much better position at the competition. Among the Central and Eastern European cities and regions Miskolc achieved the 4th position in the category of FDI strategy on the basis of the judgment of an independent international judging panel. Miskolc was also ranked to the 4th place for its FDI strategy among the cities having a population of less than 250 000 called micro cities.

Miskolc FDI