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Laying of the foundation-stone of Wet Wipe Ltd in Mechatronics Industrial Park


On 16th September, 2010 the foundation-stone of Wet Wipe Ltd was laid with all solemnity in the Mechatronics Industrial Park. The development of the premises and the connected technological investment was more than 500 million HUF.

The foundation-stone of this first industrial plant was laid by Sándor Káli, Mayor of Miskolc, town of county rank and Ferenc Zsolt Kohányi, Managing Director of Wet Wipe Ltd.

The Mechatronics Industrial Park - that was realised by Miskolc Holding Plc and MIK Plc with the support of the North Hungarian Operative Program - opened its gates for the investors in March, 2009.

Wet Wipe Ltd can start construction as the first investor on the 1 ha plot of the 39.5 ha Greenfield area due to their successful application for the grant for site development. According to the plans they will be operational by the beginning of 2011.

Wet Wipe Ltd started its operation on the market in 1998 and its development has been continuous ever since. Their main production line is producing impregnated and dry wiping materials for cosmetics, hygiene application for the field of industry and agriculture. Their products can be found in all over the Hungarian stores, public health care and industrial users.

On this occasion of laying foundation-stone, Mr. Sándor Káli said in his speech that today's event was the result of a long, conscious and hard work. He trusts that he comes back to the Mechapark for celebration of other laying of foundation-stones and opening companies soon. There are concrete visible results of the conscious economic development program of the local government that started several years ago. Today everybody lobbies with the slogan of creating work places, but nobody does any concrete steps, beside the present local government who promoted Miskolc to a favourable investment location even ahead of Debrecen.

Dr. Gyula Halmai, CEO of Miskolc Holding Plc emphasized that the present ceremony of laying foundation-stone is not only important since it is the first but also it shows that not only foreign companies but local businesses are also under development. "Several local companies applied successfully for grants for site development and for grants for location of industrial investment, but the real success is when the company reaches the phase of realisation. Miskolc Holding Plc is ready to assist in this phase as well and trust in being able to invite the present people to similar events soon due to the other projects."-emphasized the President-CEO of the Holding.

It is important to know that this approximately 40 ha Mechapark hosting the development of Wet Wipe Ltd is part of a 225 ha Industrial Park, that can serve as a suitable location of further investments.

Mr. Ferenc Zsolt Kohányi, the Managing Director of Wet Wipe Ltd. told that their new factory in the Mechatronics Industrial Park would serve as a secure base of becoming one of the best producing companies and more dominant on the market. With their solutions Wet Wipe Ltd wishes to increase the competitiveness and recognition of not only their own company, but those of their partners and business clients. The Director emphasized that they would like their work and products to be recognized not only by the partners and customers but also by the competitors.