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Job creation at the Multinational, and local corporations


- What is the percentage share of the job creation of multinational companies settled here in Miskolc, and the proportion of local small and medium-sized businesses? Did the proposition changed in these years? We asked about this topic Edit Orosz Lórántné the B.-A.-Z. General Director of the Employment Centre.

The responsible Ministry for the employment policy since many years makes a call for tender that takes aim to the support the workplace-creating investments. The National Employment Fund, employment base portion of tender, in the last two times explicitly supported the efforts of the KKV sector in this direction, compared to the previous years, significantly increasing the resources devoted, and tender conditions are much easier than before- said the director. It turned out in the last year, 124 businesses volunteered, what means 3.5 times more than in the previous year.

Out of these, 76 company was successful-and this is 3 times more than last year, and the amount of the subsidies are 4 times much than in 2010.As a result  3 times more jobs were created. Edit Orosz Lórántné said that in this year the same intensity can be expected. 112 tenders were submitted and almost the same result can be expected as last year.

Because of this, in this year also 424 new jobs will be available, and all together it will be 1035 new jobs. In the past years 31% of the county applicants’, and in 2012 33% wished to develop their depot in Miskolc. In the last two years all together 45 applications were successful, and completely 306, 2 million HUF of support have been shared-the Director emphasized it.

In the recent years, the implementation of these created 98, this year is expected to be 106 new jobs will be available in the sub region. These job creating investments in 95% realized in Miskolc, and as a result of this, the jobs in 96% will be created in Miskolc. The general director of the labour centre highlighted that in the last two years only two multinational corporations get support through the official application for subsidies in the County, the other were local KKV companies. The Vodafone in 2010 got 30 million HUF for expand, and beside the already existing 166 workplaces they hired 30 more. In 2011 the Employment centre helped the creation of the Gustav Wolf Group new production plant with the same amount.

Labour office has been closely following those labour needs, which simultaneously takes a minimum of 10 vacancies for recruitment of our services. In 2012 from Juan-till Aug. we recorded 31 claims in our County, two times more than in 2011. From these only six came from a Multinational company, the rest were local claims with employers with less than 250 headcount. The labour claims filed in 2012, a total of 714 jobs are waiting for candidates, and 80 percent of those served by the recent expansion of these particulars businesses-said Edit Orosz Lórántné.

By the businesses operating in Miskolc, and with the newcomers in 2012 the labour claims reported during January-August, combined 322 new jobs have been created for the inhabitants, and for those who comes from the countryside. 60% of these have been reported by those corporations that has fewer than 250 employees.