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International Businessman Meeting in Miskolc


The event was opened by Tamás Bihal the president of the Chambers of Commerce. The second largest city’s GDP are generated by small and mid-sized firms, the multinational firms generate only the 0,5% of it, and the mid-sized corporation generates 1,6% of the total amount.

On the seminar Péter Pfliegler deputy mayor of Miskolc has been spoke about the importance of the KKV sector, he said 40-45% of the GDP has been generated here, and it gives the 70% of the employment of the Region of Borsod County. Another topic was that the Bosch Group starts their new investments in 2014, and will create 320 new jobs till the end of 2016. Another investor started to operate in Miskolc as well, called the Takata. The company will create 1000 new jobs till the end of 2017 in the new airbag producing facility. This is the second biggest green field investment in Hungary, after the Daimler invested in Kecskemét. The deputy Mayor also highlighted the unemployment rate has been decreased in the past years.

During this  event they introduced the offers of the Mechatronics Industrial Park, the South Industrial Park, and the Logistical industrial Park Felsőzsolca, and also the offers from the Hungarian Car Industrial Cluster and the Space industrial cluster

In the second half of this seminar the following corporations made their presentations, PHÖNIX-BRV and VIME-COO KFT (instruments) Albrecht és Fiai (flange-production, metalworking), BEN ROSS ÉS Barben Kft. (Shoemakers), FUX ZRT. (Aluminium wires), Halbo MCE (Industrial plants and equipment) Hokey Ltd. (Furnace systems), Mályi üveg (flat glass for industrial purposes).