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The Delegation from one of the most developed areas in Russia is getting to know Miskolc


On Thursday a delegation has arrived from the 4th largest city in Russia, from Yekaterinburg. The purpose of the visit from Russia to Miskolc is to establish economical, tourist attractions, and cultural co-operations.

As part of the visit Svetlana Okulova the Industrial Commerce and Chambers, vice-president of Ural, one of the members of the delegation were shown around by Gyögy Vécsi from Miskolc Holding PLC, in the Mechatronics industrial Park.

The Aim of that visit was that the chambers of commerce wanted to explore the industrial park and gather some information about the economic opportunities in Miskolc.  György Vécsi said that Yekaterinburg as the center of the most developed Ural region is very important that they see the economical cultural and tourist attractions potential in the city of Miskolc.   „The vice president saw the industrial zone, gathered some information about the operational firms, she got information also about the New South industrial park, which will be waiting for more companies to our city, even from the Ural region, as well” - he said.

The Chairman of the Board added today, the first visit is expected to be followed by several others – the next will be in May. Svetlana Okulova said, the delegation came at the invitation of Miskolc. Their goal is that in two days, if possible; get a full picture about Miskolc, especially about economic life and the tourist attractions of the city. Now in the industrial park we cross checked with the local companies, such as Gustav Wolf wire factory representatives, who are already present in Miskolc, and they introduced Miskolc in a very interesting presentation.

The experience has been very favourable, and the opportunities offered by the city are very interesting, we must take under consideration a wide range co-operation between Yekaterinburg and Miskolc - told by the vice-president of the Urals Chamber of Commerce. The delegation arrived from the Ural, and will stay till Friday, and within these two days the nominated people will sign a co-operational memorandum of understanding.

For this a General meeting decision of Miskolc is required, which will be held on Thursday in April. In the Yekaterinburg delegation, among others Eugeny Porunov, the city's mayor, Svetlana Garipova, Head of International Relations Department, Svetlana Okulova, the Ural Chamber of Commerce vice president, Mikhail Maltsev, the Ural Tourism Association CEO Anatoly I. Matern, Ural Federal University Vice-Rector participated.

On Friday the delegation from Russia will have a discussion with Dr. Ákos Kriza Mayor of Miskolc, Péter Pfliegler Deputy Mayor, György Vécsi the President of Board from Miskolc Holding PLC, and with Anikó Sztán Czinkné the President of the Turistical Company. After the event they will present the results to the press as well to Minap.Hu tomorrow.